A Man Arrested For ‘Eating Fare’ In Pretense Of Being A Lady

It is all over the media men complaining that women eat their “fare” sent to them with an expectation of them availing themselves at the man’s place. This has been an ongoing game for quite some time with many victims ending up not getting help from the authorities.
However, today things went overboard after a man named Justin Kioko, from Machakos county is reported to have been arrested for conning a fellow man, in pretense of being a lady. The 34 year old is reported to have received Kshs 344,000 from Godfrey Owino who resides in Siaya County. According to Godfrey, the money was meant for the flight to and from Siaya and the rest was meant to buy a new IPhone and some shopping for clothes before they met.

However, things fell apart when Mr. Owino didn’t see the expected guest and even further realized that the person who was pretending to be a beautiful woman was a fellow man. He sought the help of the police who caught up with the culprit. This cokes just some weeks when the police chief who warned those individuals eating fare, promised them a police involvement.

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