Abusive bully hit and stamped on ex-girlfriend, urinated on her carpets after bragging he’d killed her cat

Thursday April 6, 2023 – A bully, Shane Corbett, 53, urinated on his then girlfriend Danielle Whitfield’s carpets, smashed up her home and stole her special footwear so she couldn’t walk as he abused her during their ten-year relationship.

Corbett, from Leigh in Greater Manchester, has been jailed for two years after the victim aged 39, who he shares a daughter with, said he had ‘ruined her life’.

Bolton Crown Court in the UK heard how Corbett would get ‘angry, aggressive and violent’ after Ms Whitfield had a spinal operation in 2018 which meant she could barely walk.

Hugh McKee prosecuting said: ‘At one stage he took the keys of Miss Whitfield’s flat where she lived and would take her trainers so he could control where she went.

‘He would also throw cat food away for Salem so she would have to buy more food and use what little money she had left to buy more rather than use it for credit on her phone to call friends.

‘He would bring people back to her flat and she was so worried for her welfare, she would sleep on the couch with her bag beside her. Things got so bad she hadn’t slept in her own bed for two years.

‘The defendant would let himself in to the flat with her keys and once when she was not there, smashed a table and emptied rubbish all over her flat.

‘She is very house proud and was disgusted when she saw what he had done. She felt as though her home was not her own.’

Ms Whitfield fled the horrific situation to see her friend Scott Earlam but when she went home to check on her cat, Salem, she ran into Corbett in the street who told her he had killed her pet, the court was told.

Not wanting to return to her flat out of fear of what she might find, she headed back to Earlam’s home and was later followed by Corbett who ‘began kicking the door’.

Once he was let in to the house on October 22 last year, he punched, kicked and stamped on his partner and hit her friend with a glass door.

Mr Mckee said: ‘The defendant turned up and began to kick the door and when he was let in, he punched Danielle in the back of the head.

‘Mr Earlam tried to intervene but Corbett turned on him, punching and striking him and then hitting him over the head with the glass door to a TV cabinet. He also smashed a mug on his head.

‘He then stamped on Danielle whilst she was curled up in a ball on a floor and told her: “You’re getting it”.

‘He also vowed to attack Mr Earlam again in the hope he would have a heart attack.’

Police arrested Corbett at the property in Wigan before Salem was found dead at Whitfield’s home.

The defendant, had 40 previous offences on his record including assault, drugs offences, damage and theft.

In a statement, the victim said she ‘feels like Shane has ruined my life and I will never get back to the person I once was’.

‘My mental health has suffered severely because of everything Shane has done. My anxiety is going through the roof and I have to get friends to do my shopping as people would say Shane has told them things about me’, she said.

‘I feel like it is never-ending and I am having nightmares about Salem who I believe died as a result of Shane kicking him.

‘Shane did tell me he had killed my cat. Whilst out cycling I thought I saw Shane in the street and I nearly fell of my bike as I felt so sick to my stomach. I just want to get my life back.’

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