CCTV footage shows the moment a man was attacked and stabbed by a gang in Eastleigh – He later died in hospital (VIDEO).

Saturday, 08 April 2023 – A man was violently attacked and killed by a ruthless gang that has been unleashing terror on Eastleigh residents.

In the CCTV footage shared on Twitter, the gang of 3 was seen confronting the victim at night.

He was seated on the pavement alongside another person who managed to escape.

One of the gang members was seen mercilessly stabbing the victim while his accomplices ransacked his pockets.

They escaped after accomplishing their mission and left him bleeding.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he died while receiving treatment.

Watch the video.

EASTLEIGH SECTION 3 CCTV showing a Man attacked by a gang in Madiwa Eastleigh…Stubbed He later died at a hospital

— Mushene Moto (@MotoMushene) April 8, 2023

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