Chebukati’s Secret Audio Evidence Reveals Confrontation With State House Officials

Chebukati Secret Audio Evidence Reveals Confrontation With State House Officials Who Wanted Results Change to Give Raila Odinga a Win.

IEBC Commissioner Prof Guliye Details in an Affidavit. Attaches Secret Audio Tape as Evidence to the Supreme Court.

The State House Officials led by Solicitor General Ken Ogeto and Police IG Hillary Mutyambai Urged IEBC to Change Results Saying there Would be Violence if Raila Odinga was Not Declared President.

In other News Updates;

Chebukati and second commissioner Abdi Ghuliye filed an affidavit. They have their own set of lawyers.

The third commissioner Iren Cherop Masit has not filed an affidavit. However, she recorded statements at Kilimani police station alleging to receiving death threats from some individuals from her tribe.

The other 4 commissioners have filed their own affidavits separately. Have their own lawyers. Question: What is the position of IEBC as a body?

Secondly, Commissioner Abdi Ghuliye and Chebukati have mopped the National security council. Crazy development. That the national security council was forcing them to announce different results. Will they back up their claims with hard evidence? I doubt! Seems Chebukati and Ghuliye have been abandoned by the government and in their exit they have decided to go down with the government itself. Will they manage? Never! National security overrides everything.

From the responses of Chebukati and Ghuliye hitting or mudslinging key government luminaries, then it can be confirmed that a certain neighboring country interfered with Kenyan polls.

Well, let guys continue with verbal exchange. The raw evidence of vote stuffing and manipulation is in court. Properly filed by Azimio. The election will be nullified.


JUST IN: IEBC Commissioner Francis Wanderi and Irene Masit files their response to the presidential Petition.

Wanderi says Chebukati walked in, out of boardroom several times between 1:20pm – 4:20pm on Aug. 15 only to announce ‘his own results’.

Masit claims only Chebukati was aware that three Venezuelan nationals were coming into the country with poll materials in July this year.


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