CLEOPHAS MALALA to sit in the cabinet days after he was named UDA Secretary General – Will GACHAGUA accept this??

Saturday, March 4, 2023 – United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Secretary General, Cleophas Malala, has revealed that he will now be sitting in the cabinet chaired by President William Ruto.

In an interview with one of the local publications, Malala who is a former Kakamega County Senator, stated that his role will be to make follow-ups on decisions made by the Cabinet but not as a Cabinet Secretary. 

“It will be my singular duty to ensure that we monitor the execution and implementation of our manifesto by the people who have been appointed to the Executive.

“I shall be sitting in the Cabinet to make a follow-up on the decisions made, but not as a Cabinet Secretary. Constitutionally, the country already has 22 Cabinet Secretaries but I can be co-opted into the Cabinet,” he said.

The former lawmaker noted that the Cabinet can co-opt a member to sit in their meetings for the interests of the party. 

“The Cabinet can co-opt a member to sit in it to monitor the interests of the party. Our party will be there to ensure the Kenya Kwanza manifesto is implemented to the letter” Malala explained. 

He also noted that the party will be assessing Cabinet Secretaries’ performance and advise the President. 

“We shall be getting polls from our members on which Cabinet Secretary is working hard and which one they think is doing little. 

“We shall be briefing the President on the performance of Cabinet Secretaries, chief executive officers of state corporations, parastatals and even in the National Assembly and Senate,” he added. 


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