Controller of Budget reveals Governor SAKAJA cannot account for Sh 18 billion in revenues from Nairobi County

Thursday, March 2, 2023 – Controller of Budget Dr. Margaret Nyakang’o has revealed Nairobi County Governor, Johnson Sakaja, cannot account for Sh 18 billion revenue collected by the Nairobi county government.

In an interview with Citizen TV on Thursday, Nyakang’o said the Sh 18 billion was supposed to clear pending bills but it disappeared mysteriously from the accounts.

“We found Nairobi County has numerous bank accounts which receive revenue but never gets to the County Revenue Fund (CRF) as intended by the law,” Nyakango said.

“For instance, we did find that the liquor licensing fee has its own bank account which never gets to the CRF and it is one of the highest-paying sources of revenue,” she revealed.

While exposing the rot in the Sakaja administration, Nyakang’o revealed that Nairobi registered only Sh2.6 billion in revenue collection for half a year.

“If Nairobi collects Ksh5 billion in a year, it means it does not even make 30 percent of the Ksh18 billion target revenue,” she explained.

The controller of the budget explained that Nairobi was collecting the target Ksh18 billion but the money was not being accounted for.

“We do believe that Nairobi can collect even a lot more than the Ksh18 billion, the money is collected but where it goes is anyone’s guess,” she remarked.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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