Did RUTO’s CS AISHA JUMWA stage manage an armed robbery at her home? Detectives now pursue 3 loopholes as things seem not to add up

Friday, February 17, 2023 – It seems things are not adding up regarding the robbery at Public Service Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa’s Loresho home by some armed men who stole Sh 1.1 million from her two daughters.

Detectives have raised three issues regarding the incident and want answers before they can continue with the investigations since the raid doesn’t make sense to them.

According to reports, Nairobi police commander Adamson Bungei revealed that detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) had recorded statements from the staff and those inside Jumwa’s premises at the time. 

Among the questions, the detectives sought to establish how the three armed men infiltrated the compound despite active CCTV cameras within and outside the premises. 

Further, detectives wondered how the gang bypassed the 24-hour electric fence to gain access to the compound. 

Another concern was how the trio managed to bypass the security guards unnoticed. 

Reports indicated that the robbers broke into the home, and harassed the househelp and Jumwa’s daughters before stealing Ksh1.1 million. 

Other items stolen included gold jewelry, laptops, three mobile phones and other accessories.

According to the police report filed at the Spring Valley Police Station under the OB Number 03/02/2023, the incident reportedly occurred at around 1:45 pm on Wednesday, February 15, while the Public Affairs CS was away on official duty.

“The gang of three men, armed with crude weapons, entered the compound by cutting the electric perimeter wall and gained access to the main house through the backdoor, which was not locked,” part of the police report stated.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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