“DP Ruto Has Mastered The Art Of Turning Disadvantage To Advantage” Analyst Muluka Breathes Fire

CommunicationsAdviser Dr. Barrack Muluka has today destroyed Deputy President and the Hustler Nation chief Dr. Willam Samoei Ruto after he alleged that The second in Common has mastered the art of turning every disadvantage to his advantage.

He added that our leaders don’t practice self-discipline citing that the president declares no more political meetings and the next day they hold one alluding that same with DP Ruto as their leading fellow.

Dr. Barrack Mulika added that he would like to see a lifestyle audit done across the board, also he would like to know who owns what & where they got it & whether they pay taxes.

This comes to a couple of days after jubilee party secretary-general Hon. Rafael Tuju exposed deputy president William Ruto for being the most corrupt leader in the country and demanded him to tell Kenyan where he acquired all the riches he has today.

Source: citizen tv

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