Dramatic Scene As Man Caught Red-handed In The Act With Pregnant Woman In Lodging

  • Dramatic scene today unfolded in Nyamira town after an elderly man was caught red handed in the act with another man’s pregnant woman in a lodging.

Witnesses said the man Patrick Okindo lured the woman, Esther Moraa, who is married to a bodaboda rider into the lodging after giving her money.

“I spotted Okindo with Moraa entering the lodging and alerted the woman’s husband. 10 minutes later we stormed the lodging where we found the lovebirds naked in the act,” said Patricia Nyaboke.

Mr. Nyaboke said Moraa’s husband drubbed Okindo using a wooden block.

Fred Obae, area administrator condemned the incident adding that it was not the first time Okindo was being caught with married women.

“Ooga has turned to be a ‘woman eater’ because one week ago he was also caught with someone’s wife in a bush. It seems he is fond of chasing people’s wives for illicit act” he said.

Mr. Ooga said Moraa could not be beaten by locals since she is 5 months pregnant.

“Locals chased Moraa from the village and warned her against coming back. It was shameful for her to sleep with a man yet she is pregnant,” noted Obae.

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