First Lady RACHEL RUTO to lead countrywide prayers against LGBTQ as she declares gays and lesbians a threat to the family institution – LOOK!

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 – As Kenyans continue to condemn the ruling by the Supreme Court, allowing the LGBTQ community to form an association, First Lady Rachel Ruto has declared the LGBTQ community as a threat to the institution of the family.

According to President William Ruto’s wife, the LGBTQ debate is threatening the family structure and cannot be allowed to go on. 

“We want to strengthen the family institution where we have a father, a mother and children. LGBTQ is forbidden even in the Bible and African culture. Let us hold on to family values,” she said during a church service in Meru County.

The First Lady vowed to lead the nationwide prayers against the LGBTQ, saying it was destroying the African social and cultural fabric.

She noted that through her Faith Diplomacy Office, she will be spreading a praying culture across the country.

According to the First Lady, the Faith Diplomacy Office will take prayers to the rest of the country and that a programme has been crafted “to ensure family values are protected.” 

“I would like us to pray on matters of family. The family has become an institution that has been very much attacked. If the mother and father are not peacefully together, then the children will have problems,” Mama Rachel said.

Rachel noted that many children are getting lost in worldly pleasures because families are no longer stable. 

“That’s why we will stand with families through prayers and by visiting schools to preach the word of God,” she said. 

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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