GACHAGUA now reveals the man that RUTO ‘hired’ to exorcise UHURU’s demons from State House before taking over

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 – Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has sensationally claimed that they had to cleanse all offices associated with former President Uhuru Kenyatta before settling in as he escalated his political war with his former boss.

According to Gachagua, he and President William Ruto ‘hired’ bishops to cast out Uhuru’s demons from State House before they moved in.

“After we won the elections and before we went to State House, we said bishops must go there first to pray so that evil spirits that were there can leave,” he told congregants at Jesus Winner Ministry in Roysambu.

According to Gachagua, even the State House bar was closed.

“Since they [the clergy] prayed there, everything has been ok. Its just development that is going on. Even the bar that was there we closed it down. Have you people ever heard of a bar in State House? 

“If you have a bar in State House, is there any work that can go on?” he posed.

He revealed that Uhuru’s drunkness had spread all over State Houses and State Lodges that they had to cleanse Sagana State Lodge last week ahead of Ruto’s planned tour.

According to Gachagua, they sent renowned bishops to exorcise Uhuru’s demons at Sagana State Lodge last week since it was the epicenter of incitement, intrigues, and alcohol in the previous regime.

He revealed that among the clergy who were sent to cleanse Sagana State Lodge include Bishop Edward Mwai of Jesus Winner Ministry.

“We requested Bishop Mwai and others to go there because that State Lodge was full of incitement, intrigues, and alcohol. They went there, prayed, and now we are ready to take the President to Sagana State Lodge to start working from there,” he said.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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