GACHAGUA now reveals what he ordered police officers to do to RAILA during demos when RUTO was away – Look! No wonder they almost assassinated BABA

Tuesday, April 11, 2023 – Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has confessed to ordering police officers to keep Raila Odinga away from Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) by any means necessary during demonstrations while President William Ruto was away,

Speaking in Mathira, Nyeri County, Gachagua disclosed that he instructed the police to ensure that Azimio Chief Raila Odinga’s motorcade is confined in the city outskirts during the March 27 and March 30 demos.

He intimated that officers were deployed in the central business district (CBD) to counter any threats to businesses.

“I was left in charge and I made a decree that the CBD was a no-go zone and Odinga did not set foot. And I told him that destruction of property will not be allowed,” Gachagua stated.

Gachagua further addressed his relationship with Raila amid accusations by Azimio that he wanted to tarnish his name by allegedly hiring goons to infiltrate the protests. 

“I have nothing against Raila Odinga, ODM, or Azimio. I have the responsibility to ensure that Ruto is not destabilised and is allowed to govern because he has the mandate to lead the people of Kenya,” he clarified.

At the same time, Gachagua reiterated that he would not allow President William Ruto to enter into a handshake with Raila.

He insisted that the current talks for a political truce were initiated by Odinga but claimed that neither he nor Ruto had engaged the Azimio Chief on a personal basis.

During the March 30 demos, Raila accused the police of almost assassinating him by spraying his armored car with live bullets.


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