GACHAGUA now set for impeachment over his loose tongue as ‘Mt. Kenya also abandons’ him – See what KABANDO WA KABANDO said

Friday, February 24, 2023 – Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua could be impeached.

This was revealed by former Mukuruweini MP Kabando wa Kabando, who indicated that Gachagua’s verbal diarrhea had gone overboard.

Venting on Twitter yesterday, Kabando said the DP’s recent actions and utterances are unwittingly leading him to a trap that could lead to his ouster from office.

“I usually post my political predictions on surveys and research. This one, I will base on mere assumptions and street speculations. 

“That Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is, unknowingly, set for Impeachment. He has alienated non-Kikuyu-Kalenjin; he is alienating non-UDA in KKA,” Kabando tweeted.

Kabando’s sentiments come after Gachagua made remarks that were perceived as discriminatory to Kenyans.

On Sunday, while addressing a function in Kericho, the DP compared the government to a company shares where those with a majority get preferential treatment.

The remarks degenerated into political condemnation with a section of Kenyans saying the DP meant that only the communities that overwhelmingly voted for the current regime will benefit first before the rest.

And on Wednesday, during the launch of the Nairobi River Commission, Gachagua said while Ruto is focused on delivering his promises to the people of Kenya, he will deal with issues of UDA members as a leader in the outfit.

“Rais Ruto ni kiongozi wa nchi na ataendelea kufanyiwa wakenya kazi. Mimi ni kiongozi wa UDA na nitaendelea kushugulikiwa watu wa UDA,” he said.

The remarks were perceived by a section of Kenyans as discriminatory to other Kenya Kwanza affiliate members.


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