How CS Matiang’i Ended the Battle With The Ol Moran Bandits in Laikipia

Interior cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi has completed the war against Laikipia bandits to an optimum level with the latest weaponry unveiling.

Kenyan forces in laikipia

The Super CS in conjunction with the Inspector General of Police Mutyambai and the Chief of Defence Forces General Kibochi deployed a multi-agency team of officers to counter the attacks.

The area which was declared a war zone also included deployment of dangerous rare seen weapons and machineries.

Among the machines and weapons deployed in the area include the Modified Marine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (MRAP). This is an all-terrain frontline vehicle that can maneuver in any any terrain.

It also consists of an all-round machine gun operator viewpoint, meaning it has sights in all corners while in movement with a 360 rotation shooting design.

In addition to the machine, Officers in Laikipia have been armed with state of the art riffles such as the HK 21 Rifle. The rifle contains a belt of bullets numbering to over 200 bullets and fires similar to the automatic machine gun.

Kenyan forces

The gun has a firing range of up to 2000 metres and can fire up to 900 bullets in 60 seconds. In short the weapon can take out an entire enemy camp within a minute.

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