How To Attend An Interview, 7 Key Lessons Learned From Justice William Ouko During JSC Interview

1.Remain Humble-You would not even imagine today that this man is the President of the Court of Appeal.He remained humble responding to questions even from his juniors Evelyne Olwande,David Majanja and even his subject Mohammed Warsame with so much calm and dignified respect.

2.Be Precise,to the point-Always stick to the question asked and be very brief while responding but give the facts in a summarised detail.

3.Do not show them- No matter how much you know,no matter how experienced you are,always show them respect by ‘pretending’ you know less.Leave them wanting more from you.

4.Be mysterious- Just when they have figured the answer you will give,give a totally ‘different’ answer that will drive the them go research later at home.

5.Leave the pen at Home- Walk to the interview with your head..Avoid crammed notes,avoid unnecessary scribbling.

6.You don’t know everything- Don’t try to impress anyone on the panel…When you don’t have all the facts, tell them so…It shows your Honesty.

7.Be calm and composed- Quietly and calmly listen. Do not interrupt! Do not shout.

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