I have delivered on my first assignment as President – RUTO brags and states his achievements in the first five months in office – Do you believe him?

Saturday, February 25, 2023 – President William Ruto on Friday bragged that he has managed to stabilise the ailing Kenya economy

Speaking on Friday, in Mombasa, President Ruto stated that he found a mess when he assumed office but has managed to fix it.

“My first assignment for the last five months was to consolidate and stabilise the economy of our country which had been battered by reckless borrowing and unnecessary subsidies.

“That is why today the economy of Kenya has stabilised, and I want to assure all our citizens that we will not go back to reckless borrowing, we will not go back to subsidies that benefit brokers, cartels, and people who are politically correct,” Ruto stated.

The Head of State Expressed Confidence in reducing the high cost of living permanently.

“We’re going to promote, instead, production, and that is why 4.5 million farmers today are accessing fertilizer that we have subsidised as the government so that we can support our production and eliminate the challenges of high cost of living. 

“We’re on that trajectory, there is no need for others to threaten others with demonstrations. 

“You had 5 years of the handshake shenanigans, and that is the reason why the cost of living is where it is today,” he stated.

Ruto’s statement comes at a time cost of living in the country has reached a record level and many Kenyans are sleeping hungry.


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