JALANG’O says he will be the first LUO President if RAILA ODINGA is beaten again by RUTO in 2027

Sunday, April 9, 2023 – Lang’ata Member of Parliament (MP) Phelix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o has asserted that he will be eyeing the Presidential seat in the future of his political journey.

In an interview with one of the local blogs, Jalango said he seeks to set history as the first president hailing from the Luo region if Raila Odinga fails to clinch the seat in the next election in 2027.

“One thing I know [is] that one day, and I have started using that hashtag IpoSiku, if Baba will not be the president I will be the first Luo president,” Jalang’o said.

“All I pray for is life. The day you will see my poster, Jalang’o running for president, I will be the Commander in Chief.” Jalang’o added

The first-time lawmaker intimated that, before the nation’s top job, he is willing to explore different electoral positions in his foreseeable political journey.

“A day in politics is long and things might change. I might want to run for a bigger position or still want to stay in Lang’ata or [even] totally quit and say this was my chance and go do my stuff, but I still want to be in a position where I change people’s lives,” he said.

He also delved into the standoff between him and Raila over his purported allegiance with President William Ruto, stating that he is willing to be chastised and branded names as long as he delivers his promises to Lang’ata constituents.

“It has not been easy because so many people think I am a betrayer but I think time will judge me. I want the people of Lang’ata to give me a scorecard at the end of the five years to ask me you promised us this and this, have you delivered,” he said.

“My conscience is very clear. I want to deliver to the people of Lang’ata.” 


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