KABOGO begs WILLIAM RUTO to end the Kenya Power monopoly due to nationwide blackouts

Sunday, March 5, 2023 – Former Kiambu County Governor, William Kabogo, has urged President William Ruto to allow other power producers to compete with Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC).

Kabogo’s statement came after most parts of the country were affected by a power blackout on Saturday.

The former county boss said if the President allows other players into the sector, they can deliver power at a cheaper price than what Kenya Power is currently charging its customers.

“Time to end KPLC monopoly, William Ruto open up the industry for competition many companies will deliver power to the people at less than half the current prices of KPLC and I know you’re aware,” Kabogo said.

He said if other suppliers are brought in to supply power, then the monopoly power that Kenya power and lighting company hold will be done away with.

According to Kenya Power, the Saturday blackout was brought about by a fault on Suswa-Loyangalani high-voltage power transmission line.


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