Karen OCS on the spot for protecting a criminal who kidnapped a woman, drugged her, and stole her belongings before dumping her at Southern Bypass.

Monday, 27 February 2023 – A Twitter user has exposed Karen OCS Henry Tonui for allegedly protecting a criminal who kidnapped his wife and drugged her, before dumping her along Southern Bypass.

The victim’s husband used his own resources to do investigations after rogue cops at the Karen police station where he reported the incident asked for a bribe.

He managed to get details of the car used to kidnap his wife and the CCTV footage from the Sarit Centre where she was kidnapped.

He also got the kidnapper’s number and gave all the details to police officers at the Karen police station.

However, the OCS met the suspect secretly.

He is suspected to have obtained a bribe from the suspect to do a cover-up.

The suspect has refused to show up for police sermons, claiming that she has already concluded the matter with the OCS.

He took to Twitter to highlight his plight, hoping to get justice.

Read his tweets below.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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