The Recently Abducted Lady And Her German Lover Found Dead In Kisauni.

A woman whose body was recovered from an abducted car left people of Kisauni, Mombasa county in shock, it is said that the lady was abducted on Friday 4th June 2021 at around 7 am.

Seeing this, one of the onlookers contacted the police officers in Bamburi, to inform them about the abducted car with a woman inside, the car was left in the Serena area.

From a random witness, the woman who is identified as Riziki Cherono was abducted from her apartments in Bamburi by several unknown kidnappers.

When police officers moved to where the scene took place, they found the deceased inside with her hands tied to the steering wheel.

After freeing the deceased, the officers went ahead to see how it all started, so they headed to where the lady used to live before her death.

To their shock, they found the deceased lover dead with his hands and legs tied using a rope.

When the officers tried to inspect the 55-year-old German national, they found out that his mouth had been gagged, a resemblance to show that he had lost his life.

Outside the apartment, the officers were able to see an unconscious gate guard.

According to the police officers, the Germain National was tortured first before the embarked on the lady

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