Man Arrested For Vandalizing Safaricom Telecommunication Equipment In Murang’a

A man identified as Lenny Ng’ang’a is currently cooling his heels in the police cells following an incident where he was arrested for vandalizing Safaricom telecommunication equipment.

The man squandered as a Safaricom engineer on a maintenance mission gained access to a transmitter station in Murang’a after convincing the guard manning the place to let him in.

however, the guard became suspicious of the man’s activities and alerted the police who responded with immediate effect.

However, on arrival, the suspect escaped by jumping into his vehicle which was parked just nearby, and sped off.

However, the police could not let him go since a chase ensued, leaving Murang’a residents in utter shock.

After a few kilometers past Saba Saba, the police caught up with the man forcing him to pull over and surrender. F

Further search in the vehicle the suspect was in, the police found another vandalized telecommunication equipment. The suspect is now in police custody and is to be arraigned in the court of law tomorrow.

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