MANYORA reveals the blunder that RAILA ODINGA always makes that has cost him the presidency five times – LUOs in the mix 

Thursday, February 23, 2023 – University of Nairobi don Prof Herman Manyora has revealed the blunder that Azimio One Keya Alliance party leader, Raila Odinga, makes that always cost him the presidency.

Raila Odinga has unsuccessfully contested for the presidency five times and there is a rumour that he is keen to contest for the sixth time in 2027.

Speaking on Wednesday, Manyora said Raila, who is also Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) party leader, loses the elections because he only rewards Luo members with senior positions in his party.

Manyora, who is also a seasoned political analyst, advised Raila Odinga to appoint other communities to senior leadership positions in ODM if he wants to win the 2027 Presidential election.

“Raila and the ODM leaders occasionally do a lot of harm to themselves. When it comes to the polls, they want to be supported but they want everything in those leadership positions. 

“The wrong course of action is that. Having John Mbadi, Opiyo Wandayi, Luo, the speaker of the Nairobi county parliament, another Luo, and another Luo is not acceptable,” Manyora said.

“By giving others a chance, you may ensure that they will support you when you need it. Is everything supposed to go to the ODM party since you are a member of the Azimio coalition? Should you always use a Luo if you are in ODM?” Manyora posed


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