MARTHA KARUA strips RUTO naked as she reveals exactly why he was taken to ICC after lying that it was because of RAILA – Look!

Monday, March 27, 2023 – NARC Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua has challenged President William Ruto to be honest with himself about why he was charged at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Speaking during a church service in Embakasi, Nairobi County, Karua dismissed Ruto’s claims that he was tried at the ICC because of standing for party leader Raila Odinga whose victory was robbed in the 2007 poll.

She argued that Ruto, whose case was vacated by the Hague-based court, knew exactly why he, among ODM leaders, was summoned to the court.

“Many leaders fought for Baba yet they were not taken to the Hague. You were summoned because of what you did so stop mentioning Raila. Even I fought for Kibaki yet I was not taken to the Hague,” Karua declared.

At the same time, Karua warned Ruto against orchestrating crimes against humanity while away on his state trip to Europe ahead of the Monday demonstrations.

She castigated the Kenya Kwanza administration for allegedly using the police to attack protesters and asked the Head of State to borrow a leaf from some of his colleagues.

“Even if we decide to bring the letter to the State House, why are you scared of the people if you claim you were validly elected? 

“Why can’t you borrow a leaf from presidents of civilized nations? I have neither heard Emmanuel Macron nor Cyril Ramaphosa threatening demonstrators, so why are you and your agents doing so?” Karua posed.


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