Media Attacks to Jalango as Zero hero Properties Limited hands over The pictured house to Omosh kinuthia

Former Tahidi HIgh Actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh Kizangila is a man to smile as his house has been completed and the handover ceremony was done today.

The talent of the legendary actor has brought a good fortune to his life because since he went broke, Kenyans turned out in large numbers to support him and now he is has risen once more time.

With the help of Jalang’o, Omosh has been able to get a house constructed for him courtesy of ‘Zerohero Properties Limited’ and ‘Sungtimber’ among other partners.

The handover of the new house to Omosh has been done and hence he will have a new turning point from today hence he will forget the challenges he went through while living in Kayole when he had rent arrears amounting to over 100K and he was unable to pay.

His story has now changed as he will not have issues with the landlord or caretaker thus this time round he will have sole control of his dream house.

Omosh has been a good example to many Kenyans as his acting prowess has helped him during difficult moments when he went broke hence it is a lesson to the young generation that they should make use of their talents.

Kenyans on social media have expressed different reactions to Omosh as they revealed how their support for him has changed his life for the better.

However, during the handover ceremony, some Kenyans were wondering why Jalango the chief initiator of the plan was not very happy and looked very depressed.

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