Meet The Most Paid African Footballer in The UK And His huge Weekly Salary

One of the best paid African footballer is the west african star, Gabonese– Aubameyang. He is also a key player and star in the English Premier League in Arsenal. His excellent skills and goal scoring abilities have made him vital in Arteta’s squad as Arsenal are striving to regain their lost glory. Surprisingly, he has been ranked among the best African players receiving huge salaries in the EPL.


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After signing a three year contract with Arsenal, he now earns a salary of £350,000 per week. This was an increase from the previous earnings which were £250,000 per week. Surprisingly, Auba is not only the highest-paid player in Africa, but he is also the best paid in the EPL. He is the current Arsenal captain and takes a lot of pride in holding the envious position in the team.

Aubameyang joined Arsenal from Borussia Dortmund in 2018. After keeping fans guessing his next move, he finally signed a lucrative deal that made him take home 350000 GBP every week.

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