Mourners left hungry as more than Sh 700,000 contributed for ILAGOSA’s burial is embezzled.

Friday, 17 February 2023 – The burial of gospel singer Ilagosa Wa Ilagosa has been marred by controversy over the alleged misappropriation of funds raised to support his funeral expenses.

According to reports, more than Sh 700,000 was raised through two WhatsApp groups formed by his friends and fans to contribute towards his burial arrangement.

However, there are concerns that the money was not properly accounted for and that some of it may have been misused.

According to a mourner, there was no food or even a cup of tea at the burial.

The family of the late musician is said to be unhappy about the handling of the funds, with some members calling for a proper audit of the money raised.

They claim that Ilagosa’s fellow gospel musicians, who formed a separate group to raise additional funds, did not consult with the family on how the money was being spent.

They also allege that promises made by the musicians, such as the construction of a cemented grave and the slaughtering of a cow, were not fulfilled.

Ilagosa’s brother revealed that the majority of the materials used to build his house were from their farm, with the artists only buying iron sheets, construction nails, and paying for labor for one week.

A follower in the funeral’s WhatsApp group demanded to know the exact budget of the money used for the house, but the response from other members was critical, with many questioning what Ilagosa’s family had done.

Although Ilagosa’s casket cost around sh 25,000, his father was supposed to receive sh 70,000 for food, but he did not receive the money, which left mourners without food.

At the funeral, Ilagosa was remembered as someone who worked peacefully with everyone, and his son gave a touching tribute.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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