MUDAVADI in trouble for creating an office for his wife, TESSIE, using taxpayers’ money as lawyers take up the matter

Thursday, March 2, 2023 – Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi may regret burdening the already overtaxed Kenyans by creating a fancy office for his wife, Tessie.

The Law Society of Kenya has written to the Public Service Commission seeking information on the creation of the office of the Spouse of the Prime Cabinet Secretary. 

In a letter, LSK President Eric Theuri asked for information regarding the establishment of the office of the spouse to the Prime Cabinet Secretary. 

According to Theuri, PSC is the one mandated by the constitution to establish an office in the public service, subject to compliance with the obligation imposed on it by Section 27 of the Public Service Commission Act and Pursuant to Article 234 of the Constitution. 

LSK wants to know the legal framework that guided the establishment of the office, the financial implications of setting up the office and the benefits that shall accrue to the members of the public as a result of the establishment of the office.

“Supply us with the information stated above within the next Seven (7) days to enable us to interrogate the same and satisfy ourselves as to the legality of the establishment of the office,” Theuri said.

“Please note that we shall be constrained to move to Court and challenge the establishment of the office if the information sought above is not made available upon the expiry of the period set out above.”

Mudavadi launched the controversial Office of the Spouse to the Prime Cabinet Secretary on February 24.

This is a new office, which according to Mudavadi’s communications director, was established by the government to complement the work done by the First and Second Ladies of the country.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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