“Nikubaya” Chaotic Scene After Wife And Husband Bumped Each Other In Same Lodging

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Members of public in Homabay town were today treated with drama after husband and wife bumped to each other in guest house near Mombasa Hotel in Homabay town.

According to news sources and an eyewitness in Homabay town, the two had hooked up with their ‘mpango wa kando’ secretly before checking up later into the guest house.

There was reportedly a loud bang just outside the guest room and people were rushing out to see what was happening. Upon reaching out, the two were shocked to see each other in unexpected place before the wife heaped blames on her Husband for cheating. The lady claimed that her husband was allegedly traveling for business meeting with client in Nairobi.

Upon realizing that a large crowd was gathering to witness the scenerio, they both disappeared to the thin air. The eyewitness cited that the wife was aware of her cheating husband and was revenging on him as the wife was not very much shocked by the whole incident.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/934192526626992/posts/3966066056772942/

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