“Poverty Isn’t A Blessing” The Only Two Things Kenya Needs To Be More Developed

The Kenyan economy cannot be viewed in isolation either from its own past or from the world economy. The past determines not only where it is today, in terms of distribution of industry, employment, technology, trade, resources of manpower, etc., but also the possibility of exercising policy options.

Economists tend to regard policy as the autonomous factor to be manipulated by eager, rational decision-makers in the pursuit of declared objectives. Policies too are part of the fabric of social struggle, and are the outcome as well as, in turn, a cause of historical developments.

While its history limits and in large part determines current and future possibilities, this history itself is largely conditioned by the impact of events outside Kenya or Kenyan control, what is often termed ‘the world system’.

Here are the two things Kenya needs to be developed.

  1. Stop romanticizing poverty as humility when it is humiliation. Poverty isn’t a blessing in any Religion:
  2. End Corruption by making it capital offence & whoever found guilty hanged & property 5X asurrendered to the State.

What’s your views?

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