See what the driver of the ill-fated Pwani University bus told students moments before he crashed the bus, killing 18 people?

Sunday, April 2, 2023 – The ill-fated Pwani University bus driver advised students on board to put on their safety belts minutes before the crash.

This is according to a survivor who spoke on the incident that claimed 18 souls and left scores with major and minor injuries.

The student indicated that the driver raised an alarm after realising that the vehicle’s brakes were faulty when the bus approached Kayole area in Naivasha.

In his message, the driver advised the students to put on the safety belts to ensure that they were safe in the event of any eventualities.

The survivor added that the driver also went out of his way to save their lives by attempting to bring the bus to a stop.

It was revealed that the driver swerved on the road in search of potholes and bumps which would help reduce the speed of the vehicle.

All these efforts proved futile after the bus collided with a 14-seater matatu before overturning on the drainage adjustment on the Nairobi – Nakuru Highway.

“It was such bad luck that the brakes of our bus failed. The driver told everyone on the bus to put on their seatbelts. It is like he knew what was going to happen.

“After that, he tried controlling the vehicle and even aimed to hit bumps to see whether the bus would slow down but that proved futile,” he stated.

The Pwani Bus accident has been blamed on the failure of brakes. However, what caused the brake system to fail was yet to be established.


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