See Why The Race To Succeed Governor Obado Needs A Serious Candidate Who Means Well To Electorates

  • 2022 is here with us. Migori is a county that has all it takes to be economically productive not only from the revenue but from the resources that we have within.

This good County has vast land for agriculture but then does the agricultural output really match what it should be producing? That you and me should find its answer.

This is one county that is blessed to have the lake (the famous lake Victoria) but does it even help us? Ask a fisherman the number of cages in muhuru and you will be surprised. Once our fishermen have used the local hooks to fish, the said fish is taken elsewhere to be processed. Surely are we seeing the need to have a fish processing plant in migori?

We have our technical institutes in migori , are our ladies and gentlemen who have secured their O levels certificates even ready to join such institutions or they believe that once you haven’t seen the door of a university you are doomed? Are they even a ware that we have artisan courses ?

We have our young sports mean and women, have we thought of empowering them?

A time has come that we need change. The positive minds that will see migori a better county among other counties.

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