Shock As Youtube Blocks All Anti-Vaccine Contents From Its Platform

It is now very obvious that everyone from all corners of the world is speaking about covid-19 vaccination. For instance here in Kenya, it is has become a song now since the day in day out, people are encouraged to go for the covid-19 jabs.

Equal,y people have taken to social media handles to encourage people to go for the jabs, in a move to curb this pandemic. Equally, the criticism against the covid-19 vaccines is there too.

A group of individuals across the globe have been rallying sorely behind the  anti-covid-19 vaccination exercises. Some have been recording videos on YouTube to boost their campaigns.

However, today the management of YouTube has taken a bold step of bringing down all the anti-vaccine content from its platform.

This comes as shock to many who didn’t expect the move. However, to some individuals,s it is a great move since people will be encouraged to go for the jabs.

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