SHOCKING VIDEOs: Priest claims Holy Communion “came down from heaven” and entered the mouth of Revered Sister experiencing stigmata

Saturday April 1, 2023 – A Reverend Sister known for bleeding from her eyes and other parts of her body during Lent is in the news again after a Catholic Priest and other Catholics claim to have witnessed “Heavenly Holy Communion” miraculously appear in her mouth.

Some priests and Catholic faithful were around Sister Martina Oforka while she was exhibiting signs of the “passion of Christ”.

They claim they heard her say “Amen” and Holy Communion suddenly appeared in her mouth.

Father Onuoha Peter Uche, who shared the news on Facebook, said those present wanted to partake of the Communion from heaven so they cut from the Communion in the Reverend Sister’s mouth to distribute to those present.

This happened at the bottom of the Divine Wounds Holy Mountain in Nigeria.

Sister Martina Oforka, a Catholic nun in Nsukka Diocese, went viral in 2013 following reports that she is a stigmatic and bleeds mysteriously from her forehead, palms, eyes and feet like Jesus Christ did during his crucifixion.

People who have stigmata exhibit wounds that duplicate or represent those that Jesus is said to have endured during his crucifixion, according to Live Science.

The priest’s revelation has started a debate on Facebook about the authenticity of his claims.

Watch the videos shared by the priest below

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