Showdown As Police Caught Up With A Robber Masquandering As A Man Of God In Nambale Town

Residents of Nambale town were shocked to learn that amongst the people denying them peace over the last few weeks is a pastor in the area.

The alleged man of God and the three other individuals were arrested in an operation by the undercover detectives from the office of the DCI.

It is reported that the three, Maviala shisanya, Xavior Ojuma and Nicholas Mabiala were arrested by detectives in Bungoma town where they had fled to.

According to detectives, the suspects led police to a place where they had hidden stolen goods and valuables.

In the 4 day operation that was carried out, one woman did not miss the long hands of the detectives in which she was found with a 6 kg gas cylinder which was stolen from one of the residents of Nambale town.

According to area residents, they are grateful to detectives for catching up with the robbers adding that they have been causing so much harm in the area.

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