Tension High As Majority Of Kenyans Says No To BBI Bill In Latest Opinion Poll

In the latest opinion poll conducted on Twitter to see if Kenyans are still interested in passing the Building Bridges Initiative Bill if finally will be tabled for them through the referendum process, majority of the Netizens who casted their online votes went for a No option gaining almost 86% of the total votes with only 14% of the total votes voting yes to the BBI bill.

The building bridges initiative BBI has been the talk of town most recently in the country after it emerged that only 13 county assemblies had signed the correct version of the BBI Bill, the scenerio which has brought tension amongst the BBI Brigades who felt betrayal by the BBI partners from President Uhuru Kenyatta’s side.

This is after the BBI Bill passed by 13 out of the 47 county assemblies had anomalies. There are also claims that the versions of the Bill at the National Assembly and Senate have discrepancies as well.

Both houses of Parliament also received different documents but according to experts, the Senate’s document is certified by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

what’s your Opinion concerning the matter?

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