Tension High As Two Terror Suspects Arrested In Likoni Ferry Crossway, Mombasa County

Today morning, police officers from the anti-terror department reports to have arrested two suspects allegedly to be terror suspects in Mombasa. The two are reported to have been arrested at the lungalunga border as they were crossing from the democratic republic of Congo. Many of these suspects prefer that route from the DRC Congo route whereby they get their way into the country unnoticed. However, the anti-terror police have now taken that to their advantage and making sure that the place is monitored 24/7 for any unusual persons or activities. However in what was their usual routine of activities around the border, they identified the vehicle and arrested the suspects who could not verify themselves and the reason for them being there.

Surprisingly, the two terror suspects were identified positively being of Kenyan origin. Police recovered a Toyota probox vehicle, 2 AK-47 assault rifles and explosives from the suspects. However, this shows the utmost keenness taken by the security forces considering that Kenya is at risk of terror attacks. However police are yet to issue an official statement over the matter.
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