The Situation In Nairobi’s CBD And Bus Stages As Residents Headed Home Ahead Of 8pm Curfew Time [Photos]

At exactly 5pm evening in the Kenya’s capital city Nairobi, you might think there is an election going on in the central business district, or a bomb or something of disturbance as commuters are always seen rushing about and queuing desperately to leave town.

The 8pm and 5am curfew has made commuting even more chaotic than usual despite measures by government and also by the Nairobi metropolitan services to improve it.

Along Tom Mboya street, lower part of Moi avenue and the city hall way to Kencom, commuters are always seen lined up in ragged queues at designated and none-designated PSV stages.

There’s always a lot of pushing and shoving, jostling and elbowing as hawkers crowd around, crowding the PSV stages trying to make last minute deals and interrupting queues.

This comes after President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday March 26, 2021 announced a ban on all inland travel in the capital Nairobi and out four other counties as Kenya’s Covid-19 positivity rate had jumped from 2% to 22% between January and March and Nairobi accounts for nearly 60% of the cases-

Kenyatta said that hospital admissions had increased 52% in the past two weeks and that at least seven people are dying every day from coronavirus.

The curfew, hours now start at 20:00 until 04:00 am (instead of 22:00 until 04:00 am`) in the five counties. Special passes that allowed people to travel during curfew hours have also been revoked.

The president also ordered “an immediate suspension of all face-to-face teaching, which includes universities”, with the exception of students currently taking exams.

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