Understanding and Carving a Niche for your Business


Change in business is inevitable and entrepreneurs capable of responding are flexible. An entrepreneur should be well prepared to embrace change and adapt business operations accordingly otherwise fall to loss in customers, profits or even business failure.

Creating a niche in business requires dedication, hard work and time, it provides a good strategy to take time and evaluate the market rather than being in a hurry only to come up with half-baked products.

Niche marketing helps create more intimate relationships between the audience targeted and the product or brand you’ve built.

Before, it was possible through mass advertising and promotions to reach a massive audience. With the introduction of modern technology and the internet, it has become possible to target particular groups in the market with a laser focus approach.

A large business operating in a large market can hardly accommodate the needs of all the niches within that market. Those unsatisfied demands are where you can build a business.

Avoid competition with the big companies and instead offer alternatives and cater to a market that cannot afford their services.

You should identify and have an idea of what niche you’re going to get into and narrow your list down to a singular topic area. At this point, it’s important to evaluate how much money you have the potential to make in your niche and how much is required.

Find out what makes your product stand out from the others, then do everything you can to market its unique factor to your audience. This will help you grow a better known brand, identity and win over new customers at the same time.

The one similarity you can draw from most of the successful brands or entrepreneurs in the business market is that all of them have built a business around what they absolutely love.

When you put all your weight in something that extremely drives you out of your comfort zone, it works like a powerful magnet, attracting the right people and more opportunities.

You have the advantage to play to your strengths and develop the courage to learn and adapt much easily to the specific field.

Talk to sales representatives in your company and ask them what they have noticed that sets your products apart from the competitors. In most cases sales representatives have a great idea of why customers buy your products and are aware of when they leave for another competing product. Using their customer knowledge, figure out if your brand is already known or why your clients choose you over the other products.

By defining the clients market, the consulting team is then ready to turn that market down into real segments of potential customers. The question to answer during this step is, who is buying your products and services, is it children, youths or adults.

Study out your competitor’s advantages over yours in terms of value, identity and product delivery package. Find out what people want, talk to more of your consumers, find out what they want more of and what they want less of. This might seem obvious but much better than sitting in closed door meetings trying to figure what customers want without their involvement.

If you find that your customers already have a niche in their mind that your product or service fills, then you have your answer.

You need to look into your competition in the market and conduct a research on products, prices, services, to discover how you can set yourself apart from the rest, which particular aspect in the niche hasn’t been exactly catered for and why.

Focus on the one thing that you can deliver exceptionally well, that immediately shows, and customers will immediately label you as the source for that particular commodity.

The key characteristic of a successful niche business is that they create the utmost value in what they do. It’s not about being okay at many things, but being exceptionally good at one thing and constantly improving how commodities bring more value and memorable experience to the customers.

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