Whichever way you handle RAILA’s demos, you will lose – MUTAHI NGUNYI now tells RUTO the naked truth that his hardliners don’t want to tell him

Saturday, April 1, 2023 – Renowned political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has warned President William Ruto ahead of the mother of all demonstrations come Monday.

Taking to his Twitter, Ngunyi said the demos as announced by Raila Odinga pose a delicate balance for him. 

He cautioned Ruto that whichever way he will handle Monday’s demos, he will lose.

According to Ngunyi, if Ruto restrains himself and uses less force when handling protesters, he stands to lose. And in the event he uses more force, he will still lose.  

He urged Ruto to consider wise counsel from a higher calling, perhaps insinuating that he should embrace dialogue.  

“Dear Ruto: Here is the balance. If you control yourself on Monday, Raila will Escalate the irritation. And you will lose.”  

“If you do not control yourself, you will also lose. Either way, you will lose. It is called a double-blind. Counsel: Listen only to your higher calling as boss,” Ngunyi stated in a tweet.

Raila has sustained an onslaught against Ruto’s regime through his countrywide protests on Monday and Thursday to force him to reduce the cost of living, among other things.

However, Ruto has declined to succumb to pressure, saying he will not be forced to embrace what he termed as “impunity”.


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