10 Facts that disqualify Jimmy Wanjigi for the ODM presidential ticket

Jimi Wanjigi is one of the considerable Kenyan diplomats with an inspired experience in politics and is currently a lifetime member of the ODM party. He has unfailingly shown the curiosity of becoming the 5th President of Kenya.

He has kept his campaign with no tolerance to the parties conversations and has greatly popularised his “Fagia Wote” Narrative that is directed to eradicating Raila Odinga,  William Ruto, and Kalonzo politically.

He has demanded having the ODM’s party ticket for the next presidential election. Here are 10 certainties that disqualify Wanjigi from standing as a suitable flag bearer of the ODM party that he must know before proceeding with his campaign.

1. Raila Odinga is the most suitable candidate for the election as he has shown the backup of Jubilee, DAP-K and other political parties in the Azimio la Umoja Train. On the other hand, Wanjigi could only be accepted by the ODM Party.

2. Jimi Wanjigi portrays an assumption that ODM alone can win the election. An open lie!
3. Jimi Wanjigi and Raila Odinga have not met for any dialogue based on who goes for the ticket. They have no understanding of each other’s new strategy and that’s where Baba beat every single politician in Kenya. STRATEGY!!

4. ODM as a party is in a coalition with other parties like DAP-K and Jubilee which are all endorsing Raila Odinga to be the captain.

5. Keep it a fact that none of the political parties above can pick on Jimi Wanjigi for the presidential ticket.

6. Baba was endorsed by the people of Kenya through the Azimio la Umoja meetings held earlier the last year 2021.

7. ODM as a party could be willing to endorse Jimi Wanjigi for the presidential ticket but can he even table discussing and convince parties for a coalition? Parties like Jubilee would never listen with the confidence of winning the election.

8. Jimi Wanjigi has created a very unique style and understanding but he should think of popularizing it for maybe 2027 but not this.

9. Did Jimi Wanjigi try to convince the OKA team to give him a chance to lead them? His deal gamble with the OKA team went awry.

10. Lastly, Wanjigi began his campaigns with no party discussions. Every single moment, he sounded a cold inciter. This was dangerous for the peace of the party.

Raila Odinga has been consistent in coming up with new strategies when it comes to politics. Everything in these political parties are well Analyzed and planned. Having Wanjigi campaigning against Raila Odinga could be just like any other strategy that is not yet well understood by the public.

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