Barega stuns chetegei in 10000m opening finals

Ethiopia takes first medal after taking the firat place in 10,000m race overtaking Chetegei the tenth man in history to hold the 5,000m and 10,000m world records concurrently in 2020.
Kissa from Uganda kicked off with a good start staying at the front for the first half of the 25 round field race then dropped out, kipruto surged out in the 17:59:50 brilliantly with chetegei shoulder to shoulder.
The race for kenya was unhopefully as Kamworor had to pull out and be replaced by kipruto and the absence of Farah meant a new olympic crown champion Tokyo fof the first time since 2012.
Kenya’s wait seems not to end this is after Kwemoi, Kipruto and Kipkorir emerging 7,9,20 respectively finishing outside the medal bracket.
Selemon Barega takes the final lead claiming the gold medal in 10,000m final on the opening day of athletics Tokyo 2020.

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