Breaking News: Kenya’s Business Mogul Chris Kerubi Is Dead Family Confirms

Kirubi (Christopher John Kirubi), 80, was a Kenyan businessman, entrepreneur and industrialist. He is a director at Centum Investment Company, a business conglomerate, where he is the largest individual shareholder.

He chaired boards of at least seven companies including DHL Express Kenya Limited, Haco Industries Kenya Limited, Kiruma International Limited, International House Limited, Nairobi Bottlers Limited, Sandvik East Africa Limited and Capital FM.

He was also non-executive director of Bayer East Africa Limited, UAP Provincial Insurance Company Limited and Beverage Services of Kenya Limited.

Among the companies he owns include Haco Industries, Centum Investment Company, Capital FM, and UAP Insurance.

He is also said to have shares in the Nation Media Group and the Kenya Commercial Bank.

During the 1960s and early 1970s, Kirubi worked as an Administrator at Kenatco, a government-owned transportation company. Starting around 1971, he began buying run-down buildings in the cities of Nairobi and Mombasa, renovating them and either selling the renovated structures or renting them out. He also began acquiring strategic pieces of land in and around Nairobi, and proceeded to erect rental residential and commercial properties on them, using loans from Kenyan financial institutions.

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