Chaos Erupt After Gov Waiguru’s Bodyguards Caught On Live Camera Doing This To A Woman (Video)

Kirinyaga county Governor Hon. Ann Waiguru has found herself on the spotlight of the hustlers after her personal bodyguard was caught beating up a lady who was alleged to have asked for the governor’s attention and help.

Taking to her Facebook page,a user by the name Sabina Joy expressed her feelings for the lady saying that the Governor should be arrested and questioned on behalf of her staff members.

Sabina Joy asked what could have led to the cruel act of the bodyguard citing that the woman had asked for help from Ann Waiguru before being subjected to that kind of beating from the bodyguard.

“Mambo gani haya! Ann Waiguru’s bodyguard beats up a hustler for asking for help from the governor. This is a total injustice and she must be held responsible for the actions of her staff,” she wrote.

In the video,the bodyguard seems to be annoyed with the nature at which the woman was talking and had to beat her to make her be silent.

This is the second time Waiguru is on the spotlight after being held responsible for the downfall of Kirinyaga county which led to MCAs impeaching her but the Senate did not found her in fault.

Watch the video below and give your feedback on the actions of the bodyguard.

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