Consequences of Materialism in our Subsequent Election processes

At times, wise men will put it out that we are our own problems. In years, we have terribly failed to replace corrupt with the incorruptible leaders.

We have been singing their tunes for years, the reason we will remain in our current state for even longer.

From the illustration above, some people have been conditioned to believe that politics is evil. For that reason, they have kept away but other commentators agree that we must all take part in political affairs in order to air our wishes in unison. When we stand firm for our demands, we will get them unconditionally. When we rally behind right aspirants, we will every value for one single votes.

If you throw a single glance at how the the events are unfolding, you’re gonna find an already charged atmosphere. They are freely splashing their loot and the electorate are rejoicing.

They are buying people’s loyalty with cash and the people whose loyalties being bought, their future being ruined are cheering. It’s unfortunate that even my good friends who had shared much with me have left for quick returns.

Theirs is about quick gains and not a leadership that will fix our historical problems, provide jobs, stop theft of public resources, unite the people and realise general prosperity.

I’ve since learnt that it’s wrong to victimize ladies for their love of money. Young men are worse! Extremely dangerous on hand outs (Short term cash awarded to heckling young people).

Since my principles won’t this behaviour, I will try my best to keep my colleagues well advised on steps to prosperity. It’s possible without receiving cash from politicians in exchange for votes.

Robert Chaulo.

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