Diploma In Hospitality Management As a Marketable Course In Kenya

Course Overview

Hospitality Management is a diverse and interdisciplinary field. It involves overseeing the general activities and daily operations in areas such as catering, entertainment, and leisure, events planning, and hotel management.

It is a program that extends the knowledge obtained at the certificate level and deals with providing the students with knowledge, skills, and techniques required for efficient management of hotel and catering operations.

Why is Diploma In Hospitality Management Marketable Today?

Here are some of the jobs which are in high demand after attaining a diploma in Hospitality Management;

  • Hospitality jobs in the Food and Beverage industry include; Restaurant manager, Catering Assistant, and Sous chef
  • Hospitality Jobs in Events planning include; In-House events planning, Conference Organizer, Bridal consultant.
  • Hospitality jobs in guest relations include; Front office manager, Directors of housekeeping and Sommelier
  • Hospitality jobs in Entertainment and Leisure include; Casino host, spa director, and theme park manager
  • Hospitality jobs in Tourism Management include; travel agent, tour guide and, marketing and public relations

Duration Of The Course And Entry Requirements

The duration of the Hospitality and Catering course is 3 years – 18 months Theory and 18 months Experiential training.
The Minimum entry requirement is a Mean Grade of C- at KCSE
Where Is it Offered
  • East Africa College of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Vihiga College Of Business and Technical Training
  • ICS college, Mombasa Branch
  • KCA University, Nairobi
  • Kirinyaga Business and Technical Institute
  • Kenya Institute of Development Studies, Nairobi

Amboseli Insitute of Hospitality and Technology



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