Good News To Kenyans As President Uhuru Lifts Cessation Of Movement In 5 Zoned Areas, Makes These decisions On School Reopening

President Uhuru Kenyatta today addressed the nation while marking the labour day celebrations which were held under tight covid-19 measures at State House.

This day dedicated to celebrate all workers in the country had many Kenyans on high hopes that the President will deliver some good news amid the tough challenges faced due to the restrictions he announced a while ago.

During his speech, Uhuru took the opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of Bedi investments who have been supplying masks and PPEs as he congratulated them for seizing opportunity to make investments.

Over two million Kenyans lost their jobs since the pandemic hit the country.

The President announced that cessation of movement to the five zoned areas now lifted while curfew hours have also been shifted back to 10pm.

These five counties can now be free to access from anyone in the country. Hotels have also been opened once again but encouraged to utilze social gathering.

All education institution to open according to the calendar issued by the Ministry of Education. All bars to operate until 7pm.

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