How To Check If You Are Listed In CRB Through Sms

The Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) is a platform that enables employers and loan or credit providers to check your status payment status like, whether you are a defaulter or if you pay your dues.

Failure to pay loans borrowed from lenders may affect you in the future once you get blacklisted by the CRB, you will be barred from processing any bank loans in the future unless you pay your loan.

Whenever you borrow money from any financial institution or credit advancing facilities it is always your duty to pay back on time no matter how small the amount.

How to Check CRB Status through SMS Code

This method is not free as it will cost you 100 shillings;

1. Dial *433#

2. Enter your ID number (that you used to register the phone number/M-Pesa)

3. Use agent Code: 222000

4. Confirm Details

5. Pay to Complete Registration

6. To Pay, Go to Mpesa and Select Lipa na Mpesa Menu, then Pay bill

7. Business Number Enter: 220388

8. Account Number: Enter your ID

9. Enter 100 shillings

10. Then send

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