How To Check Your NHIF And NSSF Balance On Your Phone Via SMS

A few years ago, if one wanted to check the status of their NSSF and NHIF contributions, they had to visit the respective offices to obtain a statement.

As a result, long queues were experienced, leading to time wastage. This method was also very expensive because one had to travel from their homes to the respective offices to access the services.

A solution was depicted, the respective institutions depicted an SMS service as many people owned mobile phones.

How to check your NSSF status via SMS

1. Send the word NSSF to 6773 and follow the instructions

2. Type NSSF(space) NSSF number(space) date of birth(space) full names(space) and then send to 6773

3. A pin will be sent to you after the details verification and validation

4. Type balance, enter new pin and send to 6773

5. Your statement will be sent and you will see it.

How to check your NHIF status via SMS

1. Open your messaging app

2. Type ID(space) followed by your ID or passport number

3. Send message to 21101

4. When the request is processed you will receive a message containing your balance.

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