“One Day I Must Be Kenya’s President Even For An Hour” Middle-age Man Reportedly Declares

A 26-Year-old man has amazed many after he alleged that he must one day be Kenya’s President even for just an hour.

While taking to his official Twitter handle, the man identified as George Okinyi (Pinto) has declared to one day ascend to state house even for just an hour. Pinto affirmed that during that spree time he will be in office as the President of the republic of Kenya, he will make sure that anyone in Kenya’s history who has any kind of Corruption allegations under his/her name shall immediately be arrested and all their accounts frozen to zero shillings by his government, all government officials who had previously been involved in the same will be dismissed from holding any office and be replaced immediately.

“One day i must be Kenya’s President even for an hour. I will make sure that anyone in Kenyan history with any kind of corruption scandal are immediately arrested and their bank accounts traced and freezed to zero shillings.  And the youths will be the front runners of my government.”

He also promised to make sure that Kenyans are United as one and promised to involve the youths at high percentage in his government.

His plea comes at a time when Kenyans are crying foul concerning the high level of corruption scandals in the country by top leaders and the increased cases of Unemployment amongst the Kenyan youths and also high living standards due to the coronavirus Pendamic.

Dear readers what is your take concerning the allegations made by this young Kenya? Please share your views in the comments section and follow for more news updates.

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