It Is Now Official, For Only 2 Million, A Hyena Can Be Named After You

As a measure to honor the wild animals of Kenya, the Cabinet secretary for tourism Najib Balala has organized a fund drive that aims at raising money to help in the conservation of the wild animals.

Kenya being one of the countries with a high number of tourists visiting to see the animals, is wise to take care of the creatures for more revenues. This has, however, brought in hilarity moves aimed at raising the money.

For instance, during the event, the Tourism Cabinet Secretary announced that one can be named after an animal but at a fee. He said that for an elephant to be named after you, you only need to pay 500,000 Kenya shillings.

However, for a hyena to be named after you, the value is a bit higher, which is 2 million Kenyan shillings.

He added that the money will be used to conserve the animals and even for their security.

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